How We Comply


Rise Contracting Services are an approved provider for both UMBRELLA PAYE and CIS GROSS STATUS payroll services by Professional Passport who are “The Largest independent assessor of payment intermediary compliance

We are very proud to be an approved provider of Professional Passport. We believe it sets us aside from many payroll intermediaries and allows us to stay on top of compliance as Professional Passport “Continually review and update their compliance standards to ensure approved providers are always operating in line with the current legislation and best practice.”


Legislation was introduced in 2014 to encourage recruitment agencies to ensure their workers are genuinely self-employed. This was in response to increased numbers of workers engaging as self-employed when the nature of their roles meant that should have been classed as employees.

Rise Contracting Services provide an assessment based SDC questionnaire to guide recruitment agencies in identifying genuinely self-employed workers.


All employers must automatically enrol their employees who are over the age of 22 and predicted to earn over £10,000, into a pension scheme. Starting in October 2012 it became law that an employer must offer a work place pension scheme in which the employer also contributes.

Rise Contracting Services uses Nest Pensions as our pension provider and offer all our employees a pension scheme.


This legislation was introduced in 2011 to ensure working and employment conditions of contractors and freelancers engaged through recruitment agencies are no different to comparable worker working full-time doing the same job in the same workplace. The entitlements cover includes basic pay, bonuses, annual leave and benefits.

Rise Contracting Services provide notifications at regular intervals as a worker approaches the 12-week mark. This allows opportunity for the agency to ensure conditions are comparable.